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Eb1a Cover Letter

We created this blog to help people with their EB1A green card. Find everything you need to know about EB1A conveniently at one place.

Why EB1A?

  • green card without an employer – EB1A doesn’t require a job offer (self-petition)
  • not directly tied to one specific employer – change of the jobs possible (applicant must stay within the same field of endeavor)
  • fast processing time – premium processing eligible, priority dates might be current at certain part of the season (even for people from China and India)

EB1A Requirements

USCIS website states following:

  • demonstrate extraordinary ability in the sciences, arts, education, business, or athletics through sustained national or international acclaim
  • achievements must be recognized in your field through extensive documentation

We made a deep research about all criteria and show you how they might be satisfied. Read blog posts in EB1A requirements.

Preparing Petition for EB1A case

Petition for EB1A green card typically includes:

  • petition letter (cover letter)
  • recommendation letters (reference letters)
  • evidence – achievements, awards, publications, list of citations etc.
  • required forms

We will provide a detailed information about all of the above. You will get the tips how to write cover letter and prepare drafts of recommendation letters, including samples of these letters. What form of evidence to submit? Read our posts in EB1A petition category.

EB1A Green Card Process

Green card application process requires filing forms in these two stages:

  • Form I-140 – Immigrant Petition for Alien Worker
  • Form I-485 – Adjustment of Status

Both might be submitted together (concurrent filing) or separately (non-concurrent filing). What is the difference, what is better for you? Tips how to get work and travel authorization before you get your actual green card. Read the blog posts in Green Card Process.

The quality of the cover letter is essential, as it is a roadmap to your petition.  Take care to go into detailed descriptions of what is included in your petition, and assume that the USCIS examiner does not have a comprehensive knowledge of the arts industry.  In addition to providing an itemization of the contents of the petition, the cover letter should provide brief background information on the petitioner, background information on the individual or group and details regarding the proposed activities.

Remember that the cover letter is your opportunity to make your case for the individual or group’s eligibility for O or P classification.  USCIS officers are not inclined to wade through voluminous amounts of support materials, so the cover letter should include excerpts of quotes from articles, background information on the awards and honors, thorough discussion of the events, etc.

Also note that for multiple venue, or itinerary-based, petitions we recommend that petitioners adopt a format and language similar to our sample itinerary-based cover letter.


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