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Example Of A Definition Essay On Courage

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Being Courageous - With A Free Essay Review

Many people have great qualities, but not too many have courage! Courage is the ability to face a fear, pain, or a difficult obstacle. With courage you can stand up for what you believe is right or wrong. When you have an ability to have courage you can face anything at anytime. Courage is also being brave for you or for someone else. Having courage can sometimes make you fearless! Making you feel like you can be unstoppable and like you can go to unthinking able measures to get what you need. Many people like, doctors, polices, and firefighters all need courage to do their job. We all need doctors, police, and firefighters in are world to help and protect us. I am courageous! I have the ability to stand up for myself, what I believe in, and what I think is right. Being courageous also makes me feel like I can get done what ever goals I’ve set for myself. Being courageous helps me believe that anything is possible if you have the courage to go out and get it. I know having courage has helped me greatly to get where I am today and to stay focus on what I need to accomplish for tomorrow.

Have courage gives me the ability to stand up for myself, express my opinion, and what I believe is right or wrong. For instance, when I feel scared or like I’m being attack I stand up to the people that I feel are doing this tell them to stop or simply move myself away from these people. Also I can always say what’s on my mind or my opinion on a topic with a group of friends or strangers. If my opinion is different than the rest of the people courage gives me the strength to say that I have a different opinion then the others. Another great ability that courage gives me is the ability to express what I believe is right and wrong. In particular if I see something being done to another person such as bulling I will try to stop it the best way I can because I believe that bulling is wrong. Or another is if someone is going against saving the environment I will go against them because I believe saving the environment is only right to do.

Addition to that courage makes me feel like I can get anything I set my mind to done. If I know I want something that I have to save for I will have to get strength to not spend money for a while on nonsense things I do not need. Courage gives me that strength to not spend extra money and to save the extra money that I do have. Courage is also a great support system. If you have courage behind you can get support in whatever you need such as the push to finish school, to get your high school diploma or college degree. Courage can likewise be a self motivation, it can be that little voice in your head telling you “you can do it, just push a little harder for a bit longer!” and that little motivation can get you from step one to step two. Having courage helps you accomplish your goals, set newer higher goals for the next time, and the self confidence to know that they are possible to reach.

Furthermore, courage as well makes me feel like anything and everything is possible. That nothing is impossible and no or regret should follow you. With courage I feel like I can go out and get anything I want or anything that I might need. Courage will never give you the ability to dough yourself in any situation. It will help you stand up and face it head on with no regrets. Including being able to anything that you want with no dough’s in mind. Just knowing that you tried, that you never gave up, and knowing that courage will always help when you’re in dough.

Courage is not something you were born with it is something you gain. Courage is a great quality that helps me in many ways, it has not only help me to get to where I am today it will help me in my future to get to where I need to go. It will be a supporter, encourager, and a goal setter for my future. It will help me become a great person and leader. Courage is also something that is in everyone, just reach down inside and look for it, it will appear.



The essay is a little bit diffuse and a little bit repetitive. In your essay the word "courage" has lots of attributes and lots of benefits, but it seems especially to have the peculiar and unlikely benefit of creating certainty about the future. That certainty about the future becomes increasingly evident over the course of the following statements, which I cite also to demonstrate the amount of repetition in the essay.

"Being courageous also makes me feel like I can get done what ever goals I’ve set for myself"

"Being courageous helps me believe that anything is possible"

"Courage ... makes me feel like ... everything is possible. That nothing is impossible and no doubt or regret should follow you."

"Courage makes me feel like I can get anything I set my mind to done"

I suspect your courage is misleading you. Some things are possible, and some things are not possible. If you're suffering from a terminal disease, your courage might help you face the inevitable, but it won't allow you to avoid it. If your courage really makes you feel like everything is possible and you can do anything, however, then you ought to explain why. Why does having courage make you feel that way? Courage surely entails a willingness or an ability to confront danger or even, presumably, an uncertain future. But it's not clear why it also imparts a belief in a positive outcome. Moreover, if one actually had a belief in a positive outcome, isn't it the case that there is no longer any need for courage?

When I say your essay is diffuse, I mean that even though your aim is precisely to define "courage" and perhaps discuss its benefits, your essay defines it very loosely. I think the essay would be more meaningful if you stuck to the standard, narrow definition (willingness to confront adversity of some kind or other) and focused on trying to explain the origin and nature and presumed virtue, and perhaps also the benefits, of such courage. You might also consider the possible limitations of courage (can too much courage translate into aggresive haughtiness, for instance, or reckless endangerment of oneself or others?).

Finally, since your essay is so personal, it might be better, more consistent, to speak only of the impact of courage on you, rather than on your reader (e.g., say "It will help me stand up" instead of "it will help you stand up"); going back and forth between I/me and you/your is awkward.

Best, EJ.

P.S. Thanks for having the courage to submit your essay here. It takes courage to open yourself up to criticism. Also, proof read. And note that there's a big difference between being in doubt and being in dough, though it's not obvious which is the worse predicament.

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Free Definition Essay - The Meaning of Courage

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The Meaning of Courage

In life there are many terms that are relative to individual cultures. That means that the definition is different depending on the culture's location and its persons believe. The definition for one such term, courage, as defined by both Daniel Webster and Funk & Wagnalls is "That quality of mind or spirit enabling one to meet danger or difficulties/ opposition with firmness/fearlessness." The words that make courage a relative term are danger and opposition.

The definitions of those words are what determine if a person or an act is considered to be foolhardy, courageous, or cowardice. Those labels change from society to society because people possess varying ideas as to what is danger and opposition means. For example, there are many types of people who encounter danger regularly like police, firefighters, cultural tribes, religious groups, teachers, advocates, doctors and nurses, criminals, and everyday people. Contrasting the difference in the type of danger encountered by each group shows what makes courage different. The difference between the danger for the police and the danger for the criminals is that one is done without a valid reason. The danger for the criminals is created by themselves and therefore even though they encounter danger it is not courageous. It on the other hand is either foolhardy or cowardice. Actions like killing sprees or random slashing are considered foolhardy because the persons responsible are taking unnecessary risk. These actions can also be considered to be cowardice because the people responsible are generally either unwilling to face the consequences for their actions or unwilling to face the underlying reasons for their bursts of violence. In my mind and most other westernized cultured people minds, I am correct because criminal acts are not generally accepted nor rewarded in our society. However, in the eyes of a criminal his/her acts are courageous and are accepted and rewarded with some exceptions such as rape.

When we look at actions of some cultural tribes we generally judge their actions towards certain opposition as foolhardy. Actions like hunting styles or tribal initiations are judged to foolhardy because they are things that we as western civilized people do not do. We judge others ways of doing things and we completely ignore the fact that they are customs that have existed for many years and they are necessary for each cultures' survival.

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For example, hunting a lion because he stole a cow might be considered to be beyond courageous because it seems foolish to risk one's life over a cow. Some people might say to just let it go. However, they would be saying this without understanding that the lion would come again and again unless he was stopped the first time. In this case it is not just act of foolishness but one of courage. Another example would be the way that the lion was hunted. We would consider hunting with a spear to be even more foolish because we would expect that if you were to be so foolish as to hunt a lion that you would be better off to use a gun. However, that assumption again goes without having the knowledge and experiences that show why a spear works fine for hunting. We would make that assumption of hunting with a spear to be foolish while the culture that hunts with the spear might classify us as cowards for hunting with a gun.

These different views of courage are generated because of everyone's cultural perspective. Generally when we analyze a situation we do not factor in the fact that we bring our experiences and our personal and cultural beliefs into the picture. That outside importation corrupts our views we start out with predefined notions of what is courage, what are right and wrong, and what makes sense. We sometimes forget that there are a variety of ways to handle a situation and the fact that each culture chooses there own way is what makes up different cultures.

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