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Leaving A Legacy Essay Contest


For the past 10 years, we have awarded over $150,000 in scholarships to JE student travelers who display a desire to make a difference while on their tour.  Read below to make sure that you meet all of the requirements, and send us your applications!



Scholarship Requirements:
The “Leave a Legacy” scholarship program is open to any student registered for a Joshua Expeditions tour during the current season. Scholarship awards will range from $300-$1200, per person. Each season’s recipients will be chosen based on the level of financial assistance needed. If financial assistance is needed, the student should apply for a scholarship immediately after submitting their trip application. The scholarship application must be sent no later than 60 days after the student’s trip application form and deposit have been submitted. Scholarship funds are awarded on a first-come first-serve basis.


How to Apply:

Fully complete a “Leave a Legacy” Scholarship form and in an essay of no more than 400 words, describe how you plan to impact the world for Christ while on your Joshua Expeditions journey.

Submit your essay with a completed scholarship form* to the offices of Joshua Expeditions no later than 60 days after your trip application form and deposit have been submitted. One application per person.

Entry forms are available here. (PDF format)

Complete application packet must be submitted by postal mail or fax.
No e-mail submissions will be accepted.

*Please Note: Official entry forms will require tax information as proof of financial need. All tax documents will be kept confidential. **See complete terms and conditions below.


Mail your essay and completed entry form to:
Joshua Expeditions
Leave a Legacy Scholarship
6841 Virginia Pkwy, Suite 103 #452
McKinney, TX 75071

Fax your essay and completed entry form to:



**Terms and Conditions:
No purchase necessary. One entry per person.

The “Leave a Legacy” scholarship program is open to students traveling with Joshua Expeditions. Employees of Joshua Expeditions (and their immediate families and household members) are not eligible.

To apply, a student must complete the official entry form, including financial information, and submit a typewritten essay of no more than 400 words on the specified topic within 60 days of submission of the student’s trip application and deposit. By participating in this program, all travelers grant permission to Joshua Expeditions for use of their essays in future promotional and organizational materials, including but not limited to travel brochures, print marketing, website pages, and social media.

Joshua Expeditions will select the winners based on financial need and written essays. All decisions made by Joshua Expeditions will be final. The odds of winning will depend on the number of eligible entries received by Joshua Expeditions. Due to the volume of submissions, only scholarship winners will be notified.  The “Leave a Legacy” scholarship awards will automatically be applied to the winners’ accounts for their Joshua Expeditions tours.  Winners will be notified by e-mail. If you are awarded a scholarship, scholarship funds will be applied once the traveler has paid their portion of the trip balance in accordance with the payment due dates. Scholarship recipients are expected to follow the scheduled payment due dates to cover their portion of the trip costs to avoid late fees and penalties. If you do not receive an email indicating that you have been awarded a scholarship, it is your responsibility to follow the scheduled payment due dates to avoid late fees and penalties.

The Joshua Expeditions “Leave a Legacy” Scholarship is void where prohibited or restricted by law and is subject to all Federal, State, and Local laws and regulations.

As my Halmoni and I sit in Coastal Flats, we watch the purple plastic fish hanging from the ceiling. Her whole life, my Halmoni has been a fish swimming upstream. Late nights studying laminated menus have now resurfaced from her slowly fading memory.

On July 4, 1971, my Halmoni and Haraboji emigrated from Seoul to Los Angeles, leaving behind my ten-month-old mother in Korea. A month later, they moved to Philadelphia. Poor, yet thrifty, they rented one room in a widower's house for $40 a month. The very next day, they began seeking employment.

My Halmoni was hired as a waitress at Casa Conti, an Italian restaurant. To get the job, she conducted an interview entirely in broken English with the owner.

She reveals to me, "I said that I had limited experience waitressing in Los Angeles, but that I was a quick learner."

"Well, did you have any experience?" I ask. She looks at me deviously and just laughs.

The defining moment that highlights her dedicated character is the way she went about "studying" waitressing. With very little English comprehension, she knew it would be nearly impossible to understand the orders. With her boss's blessing, she took home a set of menus, which she studied every night. She looked up each word in the dictionary, and practiced the pronunciation over and over. After ten months of waitressing at Casa Conti, she was promoted to serve at banquets.

"New menu, but more tips," she reminisces.

A devout Christian, she sends in her weekly blessing "Hallelujah! Proverbs 24:16 – for though the righteous fall seven times, they rise again."

She says, "When [Haraboji] and I immigrated, we were fearless and resilient. We fell many times, too many to count. Yet we rose again. We never thought of staying down defeated."

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