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Eu Law Dissertation Titles On Educational Management

Master's Thesis


The EU Eastward Expansion and Dilemma -Example: EU Foreign Policy for Ukraine
What Is the Japanese Strategic Value With the to examine from Russia of the Putin Administration - consider from a geopolitical point of view and step of the economic cooperation-
A Study on the Emerging Tycoons and Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) in Cambodia:Indigenous and Foreign Chinese Capitalists since the early 1990s
A Study on effective Local Information Management in Nagakute City, Aichi Based on Resident's Behavior Factors of Getting Local Information by using "Kairanban"
A research on fire prevention for an ancient city in China: Focusing on self-help, mutual help and public help in Fenghuang ancient city
The research on the energy efficient lifestyle of the congregated dwelling house and the occupant’s analysis on the environment -Compared Sino- Japanese environmental symbiotic housing prototype-
The study of preservation of “Kyo-machiya” based on lending system.
Research on the system of Public rental housing supply for low-income non-city resient college students in Changchun City
Consideration of Eco-compensation Policy in Chongming Island - Case study of Chongming Island’s plan -
Qualitative Comparative Research on Public Opinion Changes on Nuclear Power Generation before and after the Fukushima Nuclear Accident
Cultural Diversity and the Role of Confucius Institutes in The Belt and Road Initiative
Investigating automobile policies to deal with PM2.5 pollution -Comparison between Tokyo and Beijing -
The Anxiety of Child-rearing of Mothers in Chinese Cities from the Prespective of Social Networks -taking Jianye district of Nanjing city as example
The Social isolation of elderly living alone in regional cities -Based on the example of kuzeshita otani region in shenyang city in Kyoto-
Consideration for innovation process of medium and small-sized enterprises from perspectives of Trans formal Leadership and Organizational Learning
The verification of the decline originating from conception of collaborating pivotal city region. -The case of agreement with Okayama city and Maniwa city-
Problems with employment support of foreign students in Japan
Debottlenecking the Vacancy Problem of Vertical Public Housing A Case Study of Rusunawa Development in Bogor Regency, Indonesia
Promoting Protective Behavior to Conserve Heritage at the Grassroots Level: Case Study of Kotagede Heritage District, Kotagede Yogyakarta Indonesia
Study on the Inequality Issue of Current Chinese Public Pension System
A study of the integration about consumer financial companies and mega financial Conglomerates
Conference on Interaction and Confidence Building Measures in Asia (CICA) and the Chinese Economic Diplomacy
Study on the actual conditions and future of Local Community System in China
- Comparing Role and Activities in Japanese and Chinese Local Community System -
Slum Improvement and Community-Based Organizations in Indonesia: Case Study of Pamerti Code in Yogyakarta
Communication Practices in Indonesia’s Local Government in the Era of Public Information Transparency: A Case Study of Mojokerto City Government, East Java, Indonesia.
Improving Government Policy on Regional Inequality Reduction in Indonesia
The Relationship between Employees’ Training and Development and Job Performances: A Selected Case of Dar es Salaam Institute of Technology in Tanzania.
Features and problems of renewable energy expansion in Japan under the Feed-in Tariff system and the lessons learned from Germany: Why photovoltaic systems are mostly installed, and why most of deployment centered in the area with low electricity consumption?"
The Design of Emission Trading Market Among Japan, China, and SouthKorean
A Case Study on Residents’ Responses and Adaptations at Relocated Permanent Settlements after Merapi Volcano Eruption 2010 in Yogyakarta, Indonesia
The Factors Determining Manufacturing Industry Agglomeration and Productivity Growth : Case Study in East Java Province Indonesia


A research on the change about how to utilize the recyclable waste -Case of waste PET-bottle exporting from Japan to China
Reconsideration of Nation States: Focus on the Former Modern Dimension of Nation
A Study of "power relations" in partnership of governments and NPOs
Regional promotion through Cultural Resources
A study on the regional brand building process of "Kyoto vegetables"
Study on the effective utilization of biomass and community revitalization Focusing on the development project in Wuxi
Examining Airbnb from Environment and Economic Aspects
The Significance of The Nakayama Proposal 1991 upon the Establishment of the ASEAN Regional Forum 1994 : A Parallel History Diplomacy between Japan and ASEAN
Study on the Network neighborhood of the Elderly without Primary Nursing Care in Small and Medium-sized Cities - From the mechanism related to the elderly of Kameoka city
Deployment Strategy Study of Japan Water Treatment Membrane Manufacturer in Chinese Market


Review of the effects of Biochar application in farmland for total carbon and crop productivity
A Research of Rambling Activities in Downtown to Revitalize Commercial Zone: Focus on Northern Districts of Shijo Street in Kyoto City
Research on The Residential Choice of Family Caregivers Who Live Near their Caring Elderly Parent in the Suburban Residential Area: The Influence of "Kinkyo(Adult Children Living near their Parents)" on the Sense of Burden of Family Caregivers
Research on happiness and economy between Japan and China in Different Developing Stages
Infrastructure and development in Japan of Corporate Social Responsibility(CSR) -From the viewpoint of human resource development-
Study on Urban Structure from the Perspective of Building Changchun City as a Low-Carbon City -Analyzing from population change aspect and with case study method-
A Comparative Study between Japan and China on the low-carbon transportation -A Case Study of the rental bicycle and public bus in Kyoto and Hangzhou
Examination of the factor exerted on the all prefectures gap of an insurance premium of Late-stage healthcare system for the elderly
Towards Integrated Water Resources Management of the Nile River, Egypt - Scenario of Water Future by Developing Water Sustainability Index
A Case Study on Small Business Recovery after 2011Thai Flood in Sai Mai District, Bangkok
Role of community and external agents of support in fostering psychological resilience following the 3.11 disaster- an inquiry into risk and protective factors in Iwaizumi
Why Farmers Keep Growing Vegetables at Forestland? Evaluating the Economic Rationales of Vegetable Farming after the Implementation of Community-Based Forest Management Case study: CBFM Coffee in Simpang Village, Garut Regency, Indonesia
A Case Study On Improving Preparedness for Earthquakes by Providing Support to Local Community Group in Kelurahan Lempuing, Bengkulu, Indonesia
Factors to promote community resilience in disaster prone area: A case study of Indonesian village policy for resilience to disaster


A Study about the fact for electric wires undergrounding in townscape design. 〜Problems and Directionality in the Important Preservation Districts of Groups of Historic Buildings〜
Challenges and Prospects Facing Fisheries Rehabilitation Special Zone
A research on the agglomeration condition and the characteristics of Kyomachiya in the real estate market
A Study in Performance Measurement of Art Event -Effects on Citizens and the Measurement-
Study on Reorganization of Public Transportation from an Analysis of Regionality in a Local City - A Case of Niigata-city-
A study on Establishment of a New Environmental Conservation Type Society System based on Carbon-Sequestration in Farmland -The Possibility of Customers Participation through the Purchase of Environmental Friendly Agricultural Products COOL VEGE-
The Study on Content Creation by Peer Production in Virtual Space : A Case Study of Hatsune Miku
Usefulness of Diversity Management at Public Research Institutes
Study on the Effect of Continuing Learning System for Public Officers in Korea
A General Study on the Development of Chinese Online-Game Industry
The comparative study on management system and the legal system in the Utilization of Chinese and Japanese underground space
A study of constructing joint security system between East Asia for the nuclear power plants
The Legal Status of Zainichi Korean on National Registration and Management Policy during Lee Seung-man Regime
A Study on Evacuation Simulation for Supporting Tourists in Himeji Castle Based on a Survey of Tourists' Consciousness in Evacuation after Earthquake
A study of the factors for continuous environmental symbiotic activities in environmentally symbiotic housing -Freiburg Vauban district as a comparison
The Incorporation of Traditional Leaders into the Formal Government Structure in the Solomon Islands
How China’s Rural Farmers Became "Big Losers" during the Economic Miracle – from the Perspective of Finance, Land accessibility and Transparency
A Study Toward Better Community-based Flood Management Plan Through Community Planner Training : A Case Study of Thai Flooded Community
Strategic Adaptation Towards Climate Change Impacts and Water Vulnerabilities in Bangladesh
Study on Informal Housing in Yangon, Myanmar (Case Study in Hlaing Thar Yar Township)
The Role of Local Government in Promoting Work-Life Balance (WLB) : Case Study of Kyoto Prefecture
Renters' Housing Conditions and Factors Limiting the Supply of Affordable Rental Housing in China : A Case Study of Beijing
The Limitations of Intellectual Property Strategy implementation from the Perspective of China's Legislation and Administrative --A Case Study of Intellectual Property Education in China's College--
A Study on the Development of Jingdezhen Ceramics Industry -Suggestions from Kyoto Ceramics Industry
How To Reduce the Pressure on Forest of Local People through Conservation Kampong Community Program. Case study: Gunung Halimun Salak National Park, Indonesia
Enhancing Economic Conditions of Farmers through Urban Agriculture: A Case Study on Farmer's Perception in Kampong Made, Surabaya – Indonesia
Assessing Gaps between Institutions and Implementation of Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora (CITES): A Case Study of Indonesia


An Analysis of Cause of a Problem on Special Needs Education at Japanese Universities and Future Possibilities for Prescription
Light and Shadow in the Process of Modernization of Women's Education : Focusing on Female Factory Workers in the Meiji Period(1868-1912)
English Conversation Industry as a "Frustration Industry": Consumer Needs as Seen in the Newspaper Advertisements
A Study on the Policy in Local Government Based on the Process of Transition to Housing for Homeless People -A Case of Kyoto City-
Local Autonomy under Home Rule System : A Case Study of Washington State in the United States of America
Development and Experiment of Sound Recording System for Tourists
A study on development and evaluation of learning tools for promoting community-based disaster management focusing on effects of disaster behaviors of slum children in Bangkok
The Research of Development Direction of Tourist Information Communication and its Relationship with Tourist Actions --Guilin China as the research object--
The consideration to vacant houses in metropolises in Kinki region and to provision for vacant houses
Philanthropy of SMEs: Suggestion for Theory of Social Strategy
The meaning and the subject of the co-production type policy in the local government. Thoughts on J.S.Mill's theory of Participation
A Study on Silver Human Resources Centers in Japan: evaluating on to what extent fulfill “Ikigai” among members through services
Community-Based Information Sharing Systems(CBISSs) for Supporting Elderly People during Disaster Emergency Response : a Case Study of Kyoto City
Cost-effectiveness Analysis of New Diagnostic Technologies of Multidrug-resistant Tuberculosis in China
Factors Influencing Primary Health Care Service in Rural Gansu
A Comparison of Civil Servant Training Systems in China and Japan ---from the Perspective of Improving Professional Quality of Administrative Officials
A Study on the Realization of Effective Intellectual Property Protection Enforcement in China --raising public awareness or strengthening punishment and crackdowns
The Role of Government and Industry in Postwar Japan's Sophisticated Export Structure -Ideas for the Reform of China's Export Structural
Review of China's State-building Strategy and Language Policy in Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region
A Prototypical Study on Land use Management through Modelling and Assessing Land use Performance,Case Study for Promoting Agroforestry in Genting Sub watershed, Dieng Plateau Area
Farmers Participation in Land and Forest Rehabilitation : A Case Study of Upstream Ciliwung Watershed
Community Based Forest Management : An Implementation of Community Forestry Program in Gunungkidul Regency, Yogyakarta, Indonesia
An Empirical Study on Community Preparedness in Anticipating Sinabung Eruption Disaster


A Study of Approach of Local Self-Governance Based on Residents' Independency Viewed in "Subsidarity" -Case Study of Policies, in Wakasa Town Fukui Prefecture-
A Study on the Function of Bonds for the Extraordinary Financial Measures in the Local Allocation Tax System in Japan
Technological Innovation and Transition of Functional Specialization -Case of Nishijin Ori Textile Industry-
A Study on Dealing with Information of Managing Common Space of Resale Condominiums by Real Estate Agencies
Possibility of "Preservation of Downtown and Landscape of Kyoto" by " The Restoration of Kyo-Matiya" in the case of changing use of building in Kyoto City "Tanozi District"
"A Study on Effect of Carbon Dioxide Reduction for Carbon Sequestration by Biochar into Farmland Using Unused Biomass in Rural Area Case Study on Carbon Sequestration Farming at Hozu District in Kameoka City Using LCA"
Japanese Corporate Governance Formed by Interest Adjustment -Focus Attention on Governance System-
Organizing Self-Help Group of returnees from China and the roles of supporters
Potential of Voluntary Tour Guides by frame of "Tourist Gaze"Theory : A Case study of Maizuru City in Kyoto Prefecture
The relationship between Japanese education in the postwar period and The report of United States Education Mission to Japan
Research of Slow City sightseeing in South Korea -Subject in coexistence with traditional culture and local residents-
Study of Japanese culture and Public Diplomacy -proposal for export policy of Japanese literature-
A Study on Direction of Bus Lines from Analyses of High School Students' Commute
Re-examination of the Comprehensive Community Care System in Japan
A Study about the Domestic and Foreign Policy of China under Climate Change
The Possibility of Autonomous Development of Local Government Policies in Mongolia: In the Reference of Japanese Cases
A Study on Status and Effect of Sister-City Relationship between Japan and Korea
Research on Urban Water-Saving Policies and Water Conservation Awareness in Fukuoka City -Possibilities to Introduce and Implement Positive Measures in Zhengzhou City Learnt from Fukuoka City-
Current state and problems of Public Diplomacy in Japan -The effective utilization and necessity of Soft Power-
A correlative analysis between economic progress and life satisfaction -quantitative analyses based on a public poll in Japan and a questionnaire survey in China-
The Role of People's Participation in the Time of Decentralization in Thailand
Determinants of Offshore Software Outsourcing Development in China : Evidence from Province-level Data
Postal Market Liberalization and the Maintenance of Universal Postal Service : The Experiences of Germany and Japan and the Lessons for China
A Study on Public Employment Services in Japan : Can Japan's PES system be applicable to Myanmar for the upgrading of Myanmar's PES?
Trinity Financial Instrument of Flood Risk Management for Rural Low-Income Households : Micro-Insurance,Micro-Credit and Micro-Savings A case study of Ayutthaya Province, Thailand
Sustainable Forest Managemrnt in Myanmar(Perspectives on REDD Development)
Perspective of Waste Separation at Source(A Case of Bekasi City,West java,Indonesia)
Collaborative Management of Mangrove Rehabilitation in the North Coast of Semarang City,Central Java
A Study of the Community Empowerment around National Park : Model Desa Konservasi Program on Gede Pangrango National Park West Java,Indonesia
Evaluating Groundwater Sustainability in Indonesia Case Study Bandung with Lesson Learned from Echizen Ono and Nagaokakyo


Analyze the present state and consideration of buddhist temple decline problem -The strategic experience value module is invoked-
The considering about the requirement to lead an environment consideration action about the life
Relation between industrial agglomeration and innovation - specifying factor of innovation
Study on Generational accounting model with the social security system
Industrial policy of Japanese military forces in Interwar period
Residents' participation in regeneration of the waterside : The subject of Hori River's study
The characteristic and the importance for the support center of small enterprise
Toward Perfection of Anti-Desertification Measurements in Khorchin Introduction
Differences of civilian protection exercises in case of emergencies -From the point of view on civil defence and citizen participation-
Exhaust Control of Municipal Waste by the Citizen's Study and Participation : A Case Study on Nagano Prefecture Iida City
A Study on Development of Gaming to Alleviate Vulnerability to Disaster Based on Community Organization at Poverty Area in Metro Manila Philippines
Japanese companies and local personnel in China
A study of the development of Chinese Anime Industry: The comparison analysis of the anime industry bases in Hangzhou and Wuxi with industry cluster theory
A Study on Changes of Regional Agglomeration of Textile Industry in Nishijin Area
Evaluation result of CDM project for landfill in Daxing district, Beijing, China
On the media and advertising activities in Japan and Taiwan
A Report on Smart-Power of European Union and European Council focused on occasion of enlargement of European Union
"Freedom Unwanted" in Primary Education in Japan from 1945 to 1951 : Its Limited Accommodation and Escape from Freedom
The New Missions of the Self Defense Forces from the viewpoint of the Civil-Military Relations
Revision of the public servant personnel system in Japan
A Consideration on the Resurgence of Furoshiki and Environmental Conservation -An Original Proposal from the Perspective of 'Coexistence' and 'Connectedness'
Flood Risk Communication for Residents' Self-protection in Urbanized Areas Case studies of Toyooka City and Tatsuno Town, Hyogo Prefecture, Japan and Ayutthaya Municipality, Thailand
A Study on Implementation of Japan's Industrial Environmental Policies: Applying Cooperative Enforcement in Environmental Prevention and Energy Conservation
An Empirical Study on Determinants of Foreign Direct Investment Inflows into China and Problems in China's Investment Environment
A Study on the Influencing Factors of the National Audit Announcement System in China


Activation and decline of Japanese TOSHIBI association : The discourse of TOSHIBI as a factor
Research on an information recommendation of the influencer of CGM, an approach of text mining
The significance of the BBC's self-reform Conversion of public broadcasting by change in broadcasting media environment
The verification and consideration about the simulation model of the evolution for the order of norm in social group
Corporate Philanthropy and Trust: An Approach of Resource Based Theory
A Study on the Influence of increased Townscape Regulations on the value of real estate 〜Examine the problem of centrally located condominium and land price in Kyoto City〜
Participation of the residents in the process of landscape forming Tondabayashi Jinaimachi and Tor Road
A study of the industrial organization on the case of the film, television and video industry : The comparison of the changes in market structure between Japanese and U.S. industries
A Study on the Traditional Landscape Maintenance System in Kyoto : The Ponto-chou experience
A subject about the situation of ITP system in Japan
Research on rejouvenating the energy of tourism in Dali
A study of intermediary's function in make network NPOs
Patrons of Music: Making and Development of Professional Orchestras in Modern Japan
A Study on the Training System for Teachers in Japan Focusing on Iida city, Nagano Prefecture
Current Situation of Mongolian Labor Market, Government Policy problems and Japanese Governmental policy of Employment during its rapid economic growth -Comparative Research-
A Study on a Movement-based Pastoral Management : As a Solution to the Pastoral Degradation in Mongolia
The Management Capacity of Communities when Utilizing Non-Timber Forest Products: A Case Study of Forestry in Two Communities, Cambodia
"CONTINUITY PLANNING STRATEGIES IN TOURISM INDUSTRY Lesson learned from the Case of Kyoto and its implications for Yogyakarta, Indonesia"
A Study of Community-Based Household Waste Recycling to Upgrade Solid Waste Management toward Yangon City Learned from Japan
Local Knowledge Transfer in Community-Based Flood Mitigation and Preparedness
A Case Study on Citizen Participation In Green Space Management Learned from Japan Toward Banjarbaru City, Indonesia
Understanding the Implementation Process of Health Promotion Programs: A Study on "Healthy Japan 21" and "Healthy Cities" Programs


The Influences of Postwar Plans for Higher Education and the Private Schools Advancement and Aid Act on the Enrollment Quota Policy of Private Universities - A Case Study of Ritsumeikan University -
Urban area's LDP candidate strength in member of the House of Representatives election
A study on the service invention patent system of China
A Study on "Life style" for inhabitants in city center contributing to downtown reactivation in Kusatsu City
Study of the status quo and the obstacle that Kyoto city should eliminate to make the creative milieu
Local populace and research on ideal way of small park management by administration
A study of the community development to consensus of landscape in Kiyamachi-District
A Study on Participatory Development Based on Social Capital for Revitalizing Trust on General Villagers through Mutual Aid in Philippine Villages
A Study on the Process of Sustainable Ecosystem Management Based on Local Communities : From the Project of Reintroduction of Toki in Sado Island, Niigata Prefecture
Policy recommendation that will be turned in transition and the future of climate change policy of China
Difference investigation between the city farm villages of the Japan and China two countries
research in the sustainability of CDM(Clean Development Mechanism) -the comparative study of the former CDM and unilateral CDM-
Model analysis and evaluation of regional biomass utilization system
Present condition and problem of the modal shift in Japanese rail freight transportation - Shifting to railway from truck -
Study on the Fiscal Transfer System in China
The Creative Policies of Small Municipalities in Mountainous Areas -The case of Yasuoka village and Sakae village in Nagano prefecture-
The Need of regional collaboration through a desirable approach of the Farm Village policy in Decentralization -A review on both Iida-city and Grano24K -
Function of Confidence-Building Measures The case study of Conference on Security and Co-operation in Europe Conference on Security and Co-operation in Europe(CSCE),ASEAN Regional Forum(ARF) and Shanghai Five
Making of Brand Beef : A New Strategy for Japanese Beef Business to be More Competitive?
The Issues of Mongolian Language Policy From the Viewpoint of Protection of the Cultural Diversity
The Functions of Community Plans in the Administrative Plan 〜Cases on Municipalities in Nagano Prefecture〜
Non-formal Education Effects on the Underprivileged Children: Study of Myanmar Buddhist Monastic Primary Education
The impact of gemstone mining project on indigenous people's work and income Borkeo district,Ratanakiri province,Cambodia
Performance Management System Based on Organizational Performance Indicators Framework: the Department of Social Welfare and Development in the Philippines Experience
Adoption of Electronic Government at Local Government Level in Western Sumatra Indonesia
A Study of Regional Cooperation for Water Supply : The Case of Water Share Management Between Magelang Regency and Magelang Municipality
Public Participation and Coordination among Institutions to Improve Animal Disease Control: A Study of Highly Pathogenic Avian Influenza (HPAI) in Garut Regency -Indonesia and Kyoto Prefecture-Japan
Democratic Decentralization and Local Governance: An Assessment of the Performance, Participation and Responsiveness of the Decentralized Commune Council
PENSION REFORM FOR THE PHILIPPINE SOCIAL SECURITY SYSTEM : An Analysis of the Feasibility of the Inclusion of Government Subsidy
Changing Trend of Cultural Landscape in Heritage Area. A Basic Study of Bagan Monuments Zone for the Inscription of World Heritage List
A Study of Impact Evaluation on Development Planning Education and Training under the Second Professional Human Resources Development Project (PHRDPⅡ)


A study of policy process of promoting Municipal Mergers in Japan : -Why were measures systemized for the benefit to promote municipal merger-
The research about the out-sourcing case of the local government business
A study of roles of small municipal assembly members on the relationship between the assembly members and neighborhood organizations : from the investigation of the activities of the assembly members in Wakasa town
On the Development and actual situation of Educational Policies for Foreign Students in Local Autonomy : Case Study on Interchange with Kyoto Municcipal Elementary School and the Korea Beginner's Class School
The development of eugenic policy in Japan(1934-1940) -About enactment of sterilization and the eugenic marriage act-
The Regional Development Using Cultural Heritage for Developing Countries 〜The Establishment of The Notion of The Autonomous Tourism in Southern African Countries〜
The Potentiality of Regional Social Networking Services for Community 〜To use Regional Social Networking Services for form Community〜
A Study on promoting and obstacle factors about the introduction of LRT(Light Rail Transit) - In case of Imadegawa LRT line of Kyoto -
The Study on Direction of Resident Resettlement in Town Redevelopment Project 〜Comparative Study for the System and Process of Town Redevelopment Project in Korea and Japan〜
A Study on an Efficiency of Map Making Method for Encouraging Residents' Recognition and Coping Behavior with Local Risks.
China's widespread use of photovoltaic equipment for the current situation and challenges
The research on use and policy of asbestos in China
Study on the current issue and future counter-measures of vehicle exhaust emission regulations in China
Research on construction compound efficiency city sewage treatment factory -sampling as Luoyang-
The feature and the structure of the public sphere in the Virtual Worlds -The public sphere in the Massively Multiplayer Online-game
A Study on ICT Policies of Singapore by Indices to evaluate Nations' ICT Development
Study on the economic communication of the small and medium-size enterprises between Dalian and Japan
Fiscal Reconstruction and Resident Participation at Small Local Governments : The Seinaiji Experience
A Study on the Guaranteeing of General Revenue Resouces for Big Cities
About the electric power policy in Mongolia
WOMEN PARTICIPATION IN THE ECONOMIC PRODUCTIVE ENTERPRISES - Study of Kecamatan Development Project (KDP) in Sragen, Central Java, Indonesia
School-Based Budgeting : An Assessment of the Direct Fund Release System in the Department of Education Region 2, Philippines
A Case Study on Public Satisfaction Index in Government Service Unit of an Office of Permit Administration (Kantor PAPT) ,Metro Municipal, Lampung Province, Indonesia


A Basic Study on Compact City Strategy for Sustainable City in Metro Bangkok
A basic study on the relationship between customer and science. -An Adaptation of the sand hill model to long term roadmap including space science.-
A Practical Study on Sustainability-consciousness Formation Process through Learning by doing for Environmental Risk using by Simulation and Gaming Methods
A basic study on inhabitants' acceptable levels for sense of incongruity by spatial transformations
A study on factors affecting returning settlement of displaced persons at the conflict-affected area in Sri Lanka
Town-and-village-enterprises ownership reform in the China inland -- From the viewpoint of collective-ownership-system company
Study on Possibility of Link of ESCO and CDM -Design of CDM in conservation of energy-
Climate Policy after 2013 in Korea
A study about the Chinese citizens consciousness on the globe recycling of waste Analysis of Chinese citizens' acknowledgement of input
Research on the development policy of car recycling business Proposal to the reform of policy and regulation through comparison between Japan and China
Environmental Management System at the Universities
An analysis of Japanese regional characteristics on carbon dioxide emissions in traffic sector
A Study for Integration of Policy Information with Maps : The possibility of Evaluation by GIS Map
Inter-Relation People and Governments between of the Information-Discloser System in Local Governments : Development of the Function Investigate from Procedure
Analysis about Surfacing of an Issue by Manifesto Introduction: The Problem of Actors in a Manifesto Cycle
OKINAWA TAIWA(An Okinawa Dialogue) and Modernization of Education in Okinawa,1880-1888.
An analysis of marketing strategy in the Chinese cosmetic industry
Polarization in sales patterns of home-use game console market in Japan
A study on the influence of the illegal copies of Japanese culture in foreign countries -A case study in international students from China, Chinese Taipei, Korea and Indonesia-
Analysis of learning behavior in e-Learning based on material structure and learning styles
Basic research to construct consensus building model of multiagent system that aims to apply to international multilateral negotiations
Quantiative Analysis of Brand Personality Attributes and their Applications :From Comparative Evaluations of Brand Personalities of DoCoMo and au
A case study of the treating of a Russian prisoner of Russo-Japanese War
A Study on Meaning and Forward Assignment of The GAESONG Industrial Complex
Another Understanding of the Spirit of Capitalism in Modern Japan
A Study of the Introduction of Single-Member District System and Local Politics -Mainly the Relationship of City Mayer, Ward Head and Representative-
Bankruptcy and government policy in China "A study of Chinese company's bankruptcy law"
Perspective of Safety of Drug Post-marketing System in China
A Study of the Introduction of the Specified Management System to the Public Cultural Facilities
An Analysis of the Present State of the Shamisen Industry and its Sustainability
Study on town management in local small town by "Done sports"-tourism. - It is a case as for tourism by the rally and the training camp of the tennis played in Shirako town.
A Study on Shapes of Sign-Control -Consideration of Citizen-Red Control and "visual-vision"-
A study about a present situation of university's Volunteer Center and a volunteer coordination. - from the interview for a sector which accepted a university's student volunteer worker -
Study for Evaluation of Support by Local Public Bodies for Machi-dukuri Activities of Residents -Case of"Support for Machi-dukuri through Estabilishment of Rules"in Kobe City
Study for a city activated by city planning of sightseeing -A study of strength staying value by policies, in case of Nagahama-
Research on Ripple Effects of Introducing a New Public Transportation System to the Surrounding Area -About evaluations and problems, and future development of transportation policies in Toyama city-
"Evaluation of Local Community Participation in Community-Based Forest Management Program(CBFMP) A case of ITTO-CBFM Project in Bayombong,Nueva Vizcaya,Philippines"

5 strong dissertation topics in educational leadership

Educational leadership lays the foundation for successful school leaders by inculcating high valued morals in them while they step ahead on the ladder of success. Usually, educational leadership is governed by authoritarian leadership and sets examples in front of others. These are people who transform their own performances for the betterment of society. Educational leadership is the means by which all (teachers, pupils and parents) work towards a common educational objective.

Here are 5 strong dissertation topics that students are asked to write on-

Impact of educational leadership on society: Educational leadership is accountable for creating an effective environment. Not only students but also the teachers are supposed to follow the particulars of teaching methods. By running a valuable educational management inside its premises, it strategically, deliberately and gradually inherits the morals, principals and ethics in the society.

Educational leadership and its effect on literature and researches: The major focus of educational leadership is to focus on streams of on pedagogy, human development and epistemology. Innumerable theories have been preserved to structure different forms of educational leadership such as transformational leadership, social justice leadership and instructional leadership and research. These are certain practices and kind of actions taken that impacts student achievements. Furthermore researchers progress with their investigation methods and quality of chief preparation programmes.

Educational leadership and the path of success: Educational leadership kindles the spark and makes everybody move ahead on the path of accomplishment with vigour and zeal. Anyone who follows the advices of his great teachers and plans to follow their footprints deliberately can make significant individual progress, followed by the progress of society, country and the whole world. It is not a one day process and is the outcome of gradual perseveration and dedication and is responsible for constructive behaviours in the society. This truth was revealed to the society after modern theories laid the foundation of scientific and male dominance leadership.

Educational leadership and transformation: In various parts of the world, educational leadership has undergone transformation from time to time. Role of chief school administrators are commendable and have attributed to lay the foundation of many types of councils so that new policies can be designed with passage of time. We can get a clear picture by watching the set of examples of our history where superintendents practiced their rule for 170 years and lead to major changes in the society. Primarily, the major function of superintendent was clerical in nature and focussed on board’s day to day requirements. Industrial revolution is the outcome of it that affected superintendent’s role and thereby directly impacted on public school accountability. The role of all kind of professional advisors is to manage the resources by reforming the leaders and community.

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