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Serendipity Definition Essay Examples

Around the world people are joined together in their identity, powered by religion, personality, culture, occupation, and a lot of other characteristics. Though everyone is different in their own way, our lives eventually cross with an individual who is much different, most times for the best. This fortunate discovery on accident can be called serendipity.

      You may ask yourself, what is so great about an accidental discovery? The beauty of serendipity allows you to see beyond your expectations. The greatest discoveries are those that are unexpected. When you set guidelines for yourself, you unconsciously begin to search. Setting rules and regulations for your findings may limit your ability to see how great it really is. Serendipity allows you to enjoy life’s simplest pleasures.

      Throughout my life, I have experienced serendipity many times. Some of these experiences have even been life changing. Most of the closest friends I have made, I have met through serendipity. Some friendships have lasted only a few years, and some as long as 14 years. One of my most amazing experiences of serendipity occurred on June 26, 2004. I met someone who changed my life forever. Because I never had a guy in my life, for most of my junior high years, I was picked on. I struggled to find the perfect guy. Unconsciously, I had set specific characteristics that I wanted in a guy, which made it nearly impossible for me to find one that I liked.

      My search continued throughout high school, where I met more and more guys that didn’t match the guidelines I had set for them. Sooner than later, I was overwhelmed with searching. Though I no longer wanted to face the names my friends would call me, I gave up. It was sad to know that of all the males I knew, I didn’t like any of them. All of them were either too good for me, or not good enough. As soon as I discontinued my search, I met the most amazing guy. Not only did he have everything I wanted in a guy, but more....

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In general, serendipity is the act of finding something valuable or delightful when you are not looking for it. In information technology, serendipity often plays a part in the recognition of a new product need or in solving a design problem. Web surfing can be an occasion for serendipity since you sometimes come across a valuable or interesting site when you are looking for something else.

The term was coined by English writer Horace Walpole on January 28, 1754, in a letter written to Horace Mann. He credited it to a "silly fairy tale" he once read called 'The Three Princes of Serendip'.

According to the fairy tale, three Persian princes sailed off to make their fortunes in the "land of silk", an island called Serendip . (Today, the island is known as Sri Lanka.) Along the way, the princes made all types of wondrous and delightful discoveries about the island, and learned things they never expected. One such learning was purported to be the discovery that a mule blind in its right eye had recently traveled the same road. This was discovered when they noticed that the grass had been eaten only on the left side of the road.

The term is also sometimes used to mean "the randomness of fate," as in "whatever happens to cross my desk today."

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