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Virtual Comsats Solved Assignments Of Allama

Allama Iqbal Open University (Urdu: جامعہ علامہ اقبال‬‎) or AIOU is a publicresearchuniversity in Islamabad, Pakistan.[3] The university is the world's fourth largest institution of higher learning, with an annual enrollment of 1,121,038 students (as of 2010), the majority are women, and course enrollment of 3,305,948 (2011).[4] This university has its 32 Regional Campuses and Centres throughout Pakistan.[1]

Allama Iqbal Open University is an attractive option for common people who can not afford highly expensive education in Pakistan's private universities. Online learning is mostly offered free or at a minimal cost to the consumer.[5]

Objectives and mission[edit]

Established in 1974, it is Asia's first open university with a strong emphasis on providing distance education in engineering, law, philosophy, natural and social sciences.[1][5][6] It is considered the most attractive university in the country and has the most applicants per year.[7]

AIOU offers extensive undergraduate, post-graduate, and doctoral programmes in academic disciplines.[8] After witnessing the success of Open University in the United Kingdom, AIOU was established as a public university in 1974.[4]

This university is noted for its cost-effective policy to provide higher and lifelong education to people learning from their homes and places of work at a minimum cost through a specialized fund managed by the government.[1][4]

This university is 'open to everyone' and provides education to all without any discrimination.[1]

Administration and governance[edit]

  • Chancellor (President of Pakistan)
  • Pro-Chancellor (Federal Minister for Education, Ministry of Education)
  • Vice Chancellor (Chief Executive Officer/Head of the institution)
  • Executive Council (Governing Body)

Faculties and departments[edit]

Faculty of Arabic and Islamic Studies[edit]

Established in 1974, the faculty was upgraded as the Faculty of Arabic and Islamic Studies in 1998, with the following departments:

Faculty of Education[edit]

Established in 1984, the Faculty of Education's origin predates the university. A National Institute of Education was established in 1973 as a part of the Federal Ministry of Education, to improve education at school levels through in-service training of Master Trainers. This institute became a part of the university in June 1975.

The Faculty of Education has the following departments:


Faculty of Sciences[edit]

Renamed as Faculty of Sciences, the Faculty of Basic and Applied Sciences was established in 1982. It comprises the following nine departments:

Faculty of Social Sciences and Humanities[edit]

The Faculty of Social Sciences and Humanities was established in 1982. The 13 departments of the faculty are:

Commemorative postage stamp[edit]

On the university's 25th anniversary, Pakistan Post Office issued a commemorative postage stamp for it on 20 November 1999.[1]


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6507 Educational Measurement and Evaluation(MA/MEd) DOWNLOAD

6543 Curriculum Develop & Instructions(MA/MEd) DOWNLOAD

944 History of Pakistan Movement (MA History) DOWNLOAD

5551 Introduction to Sociolgy (MSc Sociology) DOWNLOAD


501 Basic Concepts of Educational Planning(MA EPM) DOWNLOAD

502 Process of Education Planning (MA EPM) DOWNLOAD

503 Plan Implementation and Education Management(MA EPM) DOWNLOAD

504 Curriculum Planning and Evaluation(MA EPM) DOWNLOAD

506 Development Education(MA EPM) DOWNLOAD

507 Educational Research and Statistics(MA EPM) DOWNLOAD

508 Project Implementation, Monitoring & Evaluation(MA EPM) DOWNLOAD

531 Political and Constitutional Devlopment in Pakistan(MSc Pak Studies) DOWNLOAD

532 Geography of Pakistan(MSc Pak Studies) DOWNLOAD

533 Pakistani Languages and Literature(MSc Pak Studies) DOWNLOAD

534 Economic Development of Pakistan(MSc Pak Studies) DOWNLOAD

535 Pakistani Society and Culture(MSc Pak Studies) DOWNLOAD

536 Foreign Policy of Pakistan(MSc Pak Studies) DOWNLOAD

537 deological Foundation of Pakistan(MSc Pak Studies) DOWNLOAD

538 Genesis of Pakistan Movement(MSc Pak Studies) DOWNLOAD

539 Research Methods(MSc Pak Studies) DOWNLOAD

541 Social Change(MSc Pak Studies) DOWNLOAD

543 Social Theory (MSc Pak Studies) DOWNLOAD

545 Political Parties & Pressure Groups in Pakistan(MSc Pak Studies) DOWNLOAD

551 Psycholinguistics and Sociolinguistics(MA TEFL) DOWNLOAD

552 Grammar and Phonology(MA TEFL) DOWNLOAD

553 The Language Skills (MA TEFL) DOWNLOAD

554 EFL in the Class Room(MA TEFL) DOWNLOAD

555 Educational Psychology and Management of Learning(MA TEFL) DOWNLOAD

556 Language Variation and Stylistics(MA TEFL) DOWNLOAD

557 Semantics and Discourse Analysis(MA TEFL) DOWNLOAD

558 English for Specific Purposes(MA TEFL) DOWNLOAD

584 Planning for Popualtion Educaiton(MA EPM) DOWNLOAD

681 Psychology of Deafness and Child Development(MA Spl. Edu) DOWNLOAD

751 Mathematical Methods in Physics-I (MSc Physics) DOWNLOAD

752 Classical Mechanics & Special Theory of Relativity(MSc Physics) DOWNLOAD

753side1 Electronics-I(MSc Physics) DOWNLOAD

753side2 Electronics-I(MSc Physics) DOWNLOAD

755side1 Mathematical Mehtods in Physics-II(MSc Physics) DOWNLOAD

755side2 Mathematical Mehtods in Physics-II(MSc Physics) DOWNLOAD

756 Quantum Mechanics-I(MSc Physics) DOWNLOAD

757side1 Electronics-II(MSc Physics) DOWNLOAD

757side2 Electronics-II(MSc Physics) DOWNLOAD

758side1 Laser & Optics(MSc Physics) DOWNLOAD

758side2 Laser & Optics(MSc Physics) DOWNLOAD

759 Quantum Mechanics-II(MSc Physics) DOWNLOAD

760 Nuclear Physics-I(MSc Physics) DOWNLOAD

761 Solid State Physics(MSc Physics) DOWNLOAD

765 Electrodynamics(MSc Physics) DOWNLOAD

769 Computational Physics-I(MSc Physics) DOWNLOAD

801 Introduction to Micro-Economics(MSc Economics) DOWNLOAD

802 Introduction to Micro-Economics(MSc Economics) DOWNLOAD

803 Mathematics for Economicsts (MSc Economics) DOWNLOAD

804 Statistics for Economists(MSc Economics) DOWNLOAD

805 Advance Micro-Economics(MSc Economics) DOWNLOAD

806 Advanced Macro-Economics(MSc Economics) DOWNLOAD

807side1 Basic Econometrics(MSc Economics) DOWNLOAD

807side2 Basic Econometrics(MSc Economics) DOWNLOAD

808 Public Finance and Fiscal Policy(MSc Economics) DOWNLOAD

809 evelopment Economics(MSc Economics) DOWNLOAD

811 Monetary Theory and Policy(MSc Economics) DOWNLOAD

812 International Economics(MSc Economics) DOWNLOAD

826 Elementary Education(MEd TE) DOWNLOAD

827 Secondary Education(MEd TE) DOWNLOAD

828 Higher Education(MEd TE) DOWNLOAD

829 Teacher Eduation in Pakistan(MEd TE) DOWNLOAD

838 Curriculum Development & Instructins(MA/MEd DNFE) DOWNLOAD

841 Educational Measurement and Evaluation(MA/MEd DNFE) DOWNLOAD

842 The Concepts and Methods of Distance Education(MA/MEd DNFE) DOWNLOAD

843 Educational guidance and Counseling(MA/MEd DNFE) DOWNLOAD

844 Non Formal Education(MA/MEd DNFE) DOWNLOAD

859 Food Studies Theory & Applications(MSc Commun. Health & Nutr.) DOWNLOAD

861 Hospital Dietetics(MSc Commun. Health & Nutr.) DOWNLOAD

862 Community Nutrition(MSc Commun. Health & Nutr.) DOWNLOAD

863 Human Nutrition(MSc Commun. Health & Nutr.) DOWNLOAD

864 Design conception Nutrition Epidemiology(MSc Commun. Health & Nutr.) DOWNLOAD

865 Institutional Management(MSc Commun. Health & Nutr.) DOWNLOAD

866 Sociology of Food Habits(MSc Commun. Health & Nutr.) DOWNLOAD

867 Food Scineces & Its Application(MSc Commun. Health & Nutr.) DOWNLOAD

868 Food Microbiology(MSc Commun. Health & Nutr.) DOWNLOAD

870 Women & Development(Dipl. Women Stud.) DOWNLOAD

871 Psychology of Women(Dipl. Women Stud.) DOWNLOAD

872 Role of Women Writers in Pakistan (Dipl. Women Stud.) DOWNLOAD

873 Perspective of Women Studies(Dipl. Women Stud.) DOWNLOAD

874 Economic contribution of Rural Women(Dipl. Women Stud.) DOWNLOAD

875 Introdution to Feminist Research(Dipl. Women Stud.) DOWNLOAD

877 Feminist Health Issues(Dipl. Women Stud.) DOWNLOAD

878 Contribution of Women in Education, Arts, Science & Technology(Dipl. Women Stud.) DOwNLOAD

879 The Feminist Theories(Dipl. Women Stud.) DOWNLOAD

880 Women and Islam(Dipl. Women Stud.) DOWNLOAD

886 Health Care Promotion(MSc Commun. Health & Nutr.) DOWNLOAD

941 Muslims in South Asia (711-1857)(MA History) DOWNLOAD

942 Muslims in South Asia (1857-1947)(MA History) DOWNLOAD

943 Research Methodology(MA History) DOWNLOAD

946 Historiography(MA History) DOWNLOAD

947 Muslim Period Upto 1258(MA History) DOWNLOAD

948 Decline of Muslims in South Asia (MA History) DOWNLOAD

951 Pakistan (1947-1958)(MA History) DOWNLOAD

952 Pakistan (1958-1971)(MA History) DOWNLOAD

955 Europe From Renaissance to Vienna Settlement(MA History) DOWNLOAD

956 From Vienna to World War-1-18-15-1914(MA History) DOWNLOAD

961 Print Media(MSc Mass Commun.) DOWNLOAD

962 Electronic Media(MSc Mass Commun.) DOWNLOAD

963 Mass Communication(MSc Mass Commun.) DOWNLOAD

964 Language Skills and Communicative Abilities(MSc Mass Commun.) DOWNLOAD

965 Development Support communication(MSc Mass Commun.) DOWNLOAD

966 Basic Concepts in Social Sciences(MSc Mass Commun.) DOWNLOAD

967 Advertising (MSc Mass Commun.) DOWNLOAD

968 Public relations(MSc Mass Commun.) DOWNLOAD

969 National and International Current Affairs(MSc Mass Commun.) DOWNLOAD

972 Al-Hadith(MA Islamic Stud.) DOWNLOAD

973 Islamic Fiqh(MA Islamic Stud.) DOWNLOAD

974 Islamic History-I(MA Islamic Stud.) DOWNLOAD

978 Arabic Language and Literature (MA Islamic Stud.) DOWNLOAD

1500 Histroy of Urdu Literature(MA Urdu) DOWNLOAD

1501 Urdu Fiction(MA Urdu) DOWNLOAD

1502 Urdu Criticism(MA Urdu) DOWNLOAD

1503 Urdu Poetry(MA Urdu) DOWNLOAD

1504 Styles in Urdu Prose(MA Urdu) DOWNLOAD

1505 Specific Study of Mir and Ghalib(MA Urdu) DOWNLOAD

1506 Specific Study of Allama Iqbal(MA Urdu) DOWNLOAD

1509 Arabic Languages and Literature(MA Urdu) DOWNLOAD

1510 Persian Languages and Literature (MA Urdu) DOWNLOAD

1575 Introduction to Environemtal Deisgn(MSc Environ. Sc.) DOWNLOAD

1576 Environmental Planning & Practice (Global and Pakistan Perspective)(MSc Environ. Sc.) DOWNLOAD

1577 Environmental Psychology(MSc Environ. Sc.) DOWNLOAD

1578 Research Methods and Research Reports(MSc Environ. Sc.) DOWNLOAD

1579 Evaluation of Built Environmental for Physical Sustainability(MSc Environ. Sc.) DOWNLOAD

1580 Environmental Aesthetics(MSc Environ. Sc.) DOWNLOAD

1581 Women and Environment(MSc Environ. Sc.) DOWNLOAD

1582 Appropriate Technologies for Building and Services (energy, water supply)(MSc Environ. Sc.) DOWNLOAD

1584 Basic Concepts of Educational Planning(MSc Environ. Sc.) DOWNLOAD

1585 Environmental Impact Assessment(MSc Environ. Sc.) DOWNLOAD

1588 Building Evaluation Techniques(MSc Environ. Sc.) DOWNLOAD

1594 Statistical Methods in Environmental Health(MSc Environ. Sc.) DOWNLOAD

1794 NGO Management(MSc (Hon.) Rural Devlp.) DOWNLOAD

1795 Research for Development(MSc (Hon.) Rural Devlp.) DOWNLOAD

1796 Natural Resource Management(MSc (Hon.) Rural Devlp.) DOWNLOAD

1797 Managing Projects in Rural Development(MSc (Hon.) Rural Devlp.) DOWNLOAD

2501 Range Land Management in Pakistan(MSc Forst. Ext.) DOWNLOAD

2504 Research Methods(MSc Forst. Ext.) DOWNLOAD

2508 Economic of Forestry(MSc Forst. Ext.) DOWNLOAD

2511 Soil conservation & Water Shed Management(MSc Forst. Ext.) DOWNLOAD

2516 Environment & Forestry(MSc Forst. Ext.) DOWNLOAD

2551 Atomic and Molecular Phsysics(MSc Physics) DOWNLOAD

2553sdie1 Digital and Computer Hard Ware Electronics(MSc Physics) DOWNLOAD

2553side2 Digital and Computer Hard Ware Electronics(MSc Physics) DOWNLOAD

2559side1 Electronic Communication System(MSc Physics) DOWNLOAD

2559side2 Electronic Communication System(MA EPM) DOWNLOAD

2560side1 Advanced Digital And Computational Hardware Electronics(MSc Physics) DOWNLOAD

2560side2 Advanced Digital And Computational Hardware Electronics(MSc Physics) DOWNLOAD

2575side1 Physial Chemistry-I(MSc Chem.) DOWNLOAD

2575side2 Physial Chemistry-I(MSc Chem.) DOWNLOAD

2577 Inorganic Chemistry-I(MSc Chem.) DOWNLOAD

2580side1 Phsyical Chemistry-II(MSc Chem.) DOWNLOAD

2580side2 Phsyical Chemistry-II(MSc Chem.) DOWNLOAD

2582side1 Inorganic ChemistryII(MSc Chem.) DOWNLOAD

2583 Biochemistry-II(MSc Chem.) DOWNLOAD

2586 Stereochemistry of Organic Compounds(MSc Chem.) DOWNLOAD

2587 Chemistry of Natural Products(MSc Chem.) DOWNLOAD

2590side1 Special Organic Reactions(MSc Chem.) DOWNLOAD

2590side2 Special Organic Reactions(MSc Chem.) DOWNLOAD

2590side3 Special Organic Reactions(MSc Chem.) DOWNLOAD

2591side1 Organic Synthesis(MSc Chem.) DOWNLOAD

2591side2 Organic Synthesis(MSc Chem.) DOWNLOAD

2591side3 Organic Synthesis(MSc Chem.) DOWNLOAD

3582 Research Studies(MS Mulimedia) DOWNLOAD

3584 Editing Composing and Special Effects(MS Mulimedia) DOWNLOAD

4502 Prose classical and modern(MA Arabic) DOWNLOAD

4504 Linguistics(MA Arabic) DOWNLOAD

4505side1 Applied Grammar(MA Arabic) DOWNLOAD

4505side2 Applied Grammar(MA Arabic) DOWNLOAD

4506 Religious(MA Arabic) DOWNLOAD

4507 Art of Composition and Retorics(MA Arabic) DOWNLOAD

4508 Teaching Methodology(MA Arabic) DOWNLOAD

4552 Evolution of Tafseer Literature(MA Islamic Stud.) DOWNLOAD

4553 Fiqh al Quran (Legal Study of Al Quran)(MA Islamic Stud.) DOWNLOAD

4554 Textual Study of Al-Quran(MA Islamic Stud.) DOWNLOAD

4555 Al-Qawaid Fil-Hadith(MA Islamic Stud.) DOWNLOAD

4556 History of Hadith Literature(MA Islamic Stud.) DOWNLOAD

4557 Textural Study of Hadith(MA Islamic Stud.) DOWNLOAD

4558 Fiqh-al-Sunnah (Legal Study of Sunna)(MA Islamic Stud.) DOWNLOAD

4559 Islamic Movements in Modern Age(MA Islamic Stud.) DOWNLOAD

4560 Modern Islamic Thoughts(MA Islamic Stud.) DOWNLOAD

4564 Introduction to Shariah(MA Islamic Stud.) DOWNLOAD

4565 Proceural Law of Islam(MA Islamic Stud.) DOWNLOAD

4566 Criminal Law of Islam(MA Islamic Stud.) DOWNLOAD

4574 Islamic and Western Thought(MA Islamic Stud.) DOWNLOAD

4576 Quran & Orient Lists (MA Islamic Stud.) DOWNLOAD

4578 Translations and Tafseer of Quranic Pakistan(MA Islamic Stud.) DOWNLOAD

5500 Foundation of Librarianship(MLIS) DOWNLOAD

5501 Introduction to Library and Information Science(MLIS) DOWNLOAD

5502 Information Sources and Services(MLIS) DOWNLOAD

5503 Classification: Theroy and Practice(MLIS) DOWNLOAD

5504 Cataloguing: Theory and Practice (MLIS) DOWNLOAD

5505 Collection Development(MLIS) DOWNLOAD

5506 Management of Library and Information Centres(MLIS) DOWNLOAD

5507 Library Automation/Information Storage and Retrievel(MLIS) DOWNLOAD

5508 Resource Sharing and Net-Working(MLIS) DOWNLOAD

5511 Public Records, Rave Material and Their Conservation(MLIS) DOWNLOAD

5519 Management of Serial Publications(MLIS) DOWNLOAD

5551 Introduction to Sociology(MSc Sociology) DOWNLOAD

5552 Sociological Theory(MSc Sociology) DOWNLOAD

5553 Methods of Social Research(MSc Sociology) DOWNLOAD

5554side1 Social Statistics (MSc Sociology) DOWNLOAD

5554side2 Social Statistics(MSc Sociology) DOWNLOAD

5555 Sociology of Deviance (MSc Sociology) DOWNLOAD

5556 Sociology of Development(MSc Sociology) DOWNLOAD

5558 Sociology of Gender Issues(MSc Sociology) DOWNLOAD

5559 Introduction to Social Work(MSc Sociology) DOWNLOAD

6600 Research Methods in Mass Communication(MSc Mass. Comm.) DOWNLOAD

6601 Mass Communication Theories(MSc Mass. Comm.) DOWNLOAD

6602 Social Psychology(MSc Mass. Comm.) DOWNLOAD


752 Classical Mechanics & Special Theory of Relativity(MSc. Physics) DOWNLOAD

765 Electrodynamics(MSc Physics) DOWNLOAD

769 Computational Physics-I(MSc Physics) DOWNLOAD

808 Public Finance and Fiscal Policy(MSc Economics) DOWNLOAD

2585 Heterocyclic Chemistry(MSc Chemistry) DOWNLOAD

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