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Cover Letter For A Care Assistant

The challenge of going through the job-hunting process is to prove that you’re the best-qualified candidate for the position. This can be tricky if you only submit a resume with your job application. Your resume can be elevated and brought to life if you also write a cover letter. Introduce yourself, show your enthusiasm, and explain what makes you special and perfect for the job. Try out these techniques using this free patient care assistant cover letter sample for guidance.

Free Patient Care Assistant Cover Letter Sample

Create Your Cover Letter

Dear Ms. Hunter,

Quality patient care requires providers to have a high degree of compassion, knowledge, and skill. For the past 15 years of my career in healthcare, I have been committed to these principles. I would like to put my name into consideration for the patient care assistant position in your hospital.

Throughout my time working with patients, I have always recognized the importance of putting them first. Whether a patient needs a shoulder to cry on, or he or she needs to vent, I can help them get through this tough time. Most of all, I aim for each patient I treat to feel valued and not just like a number.

My attention to detail is also something that I’m extremely proud of. I know how tragic a simple mistake could end up being for a patient and his or her family. That’s why I strive to check and double check all orders and instructions for those in my care.

I believe I would be a great fit for your hospital’s department as a patient care assistant. I welcome an opportunity to come speak to you in person. Thank you for your time.

Create Your Cover Letter

What to Include in a Patient Care Assistant Cover Letter

Your cover letter for a healthcare position is an essential piece of your job application. Follow the lead of the free patient care assistant cover letter sample when writing. Start strong by introducing yourself and addressing the reader personally. Then, detail your skills and experiences, and finish off your letter with an invitation for an interview. Don’t forget to thank the employer for consideration.

Industry Specifics to Include

Working in healthcare can be a demanding profession, so it’s important to have the right skills for this line of work. Check out the free patient care assistant cover letter sample to find out what traits you should have to be more successful. Here are some more suggestions:

• Compassion: It’s important to be able to relate to your patients and to provide them with compassionate care.
• Emotional health: In some departments, you may experience patient loss, stress, or aggression. It’s vital to have a strong sense of emotional strength for this work.
• Attention to detail: Specific instructions and doctor’s orders must be followed, so your attention to detail must be exemplary.
• Physical endurance: This type of work requires lots of standing, walking, and other physical tasks, so you must be able to have endurance.

Sample Care Assistant cover letter

If you are applying for a care assistant or care worker position you should make sure that you enclose a well written cover letter with your CV or resume.  A great way of knowing what to include in your care assistant cover letter is to read and analyse the job advert you are replying to.  If you are sending out a speculative cover letter, find out as much as you can about the company.  This can give you insight into what you can include in your cover letter.

What should your Care Assistant cover letter contain?

The point of a cover letter is to introduce yourself and to get the reader to look at your CV.  A good cover letter should grab the reader’s attention by highlighting your skills, qualities, experience and suitability for the job in 3 or 4 paragraphs.  It should make the reader interested enough to read your CV / resume for more details.

Your care worker cover letter should give brief examples of:

  • your knowledge of health and safety regulations
  • your knowledge of treatment and care plans
  • verbal and written communication skills you possess
  • any medical, specialist or relevant training
  • your qualifications
  • your ability to work in a team
  • your knowledge of the company / organisation
  • your suitability for the role

Make sure your cover letter enhances your CV / resume by keeping it relevant and to the point.  Check it yourself, then get someone you trust to check it again for spelling and grammar.

Sample cover letter for a Care Assistant or Care Worker role

40 Any Rd


Tel: 0208 888888 Mobile: 077 777777

E-mail: [email protected]

Colin Wellman

Recruitment Manager

Anytown Mental Health Service

1 Any Street


Today’s date

Dear Mr Wellman

Job REF: 123456: Senior Care Assistant – Grade 1

I wish to apply for the position of Senior Care Assistant as advertised in the Anytown Gazette and on the PD Cafe website. Please find enclosed my CV for your consideration.

For the past two years I have been employed by Anytown Health Authority as a Care Assistant working with vulnerable clients in their own homes. During this time I have proven my ability to work with an interdisciplinary team, utilised my interpersonal skills by developing strong professional relationships with clients, including individuals, families and community groups. During the course of my career I have acquired a thorough understanding of COSHH, Health and Safety, Equal Opportunities, Risk management, Data Protection and confidentiality.

Having worked in both public and private organisations in the care sector,  I  am fully aware of the needs of the individual and the importance of team work. My strong verbal and written communication skills have been well utilised in these roles and I have also demonstrated solid organisational skills in my case management.

I entered into a career as a care worker as I have a strong desire to make a positive difference in people’s lives.   I have almost completed my NVQ level 5 Health Care and am confident that I can make a positive contribution to Anytown Health Authority if given the opportunity.

If you require any more information I would be happy to provide it and can be contacted either by telephone on the numbers on my CV or by email [email protected]

I am available for interviews and hope to hear from you soon.

Yours sincerely,


[sign here]




Before you send out your Care Assistant cover letter, please remember how important it is to check for grammar and punctuation. Sometimes a word transposed or omitted can have a devastating effect. Just look at some of the worst CV mistakes for examples of bad grammar and punctuation.

Once you have constructed a great Care Assistant CV covering letter that will impress, you can search for a job in your country or overseas, find the latest care worker jobs and start applying instantly by uploading your CV / resume online.

If you are looking for other great example cover letters  in your field to introduce your CV/resume to a prospective employer then  go to our sample CV cover letters section to find:

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Another alternative you could consider is to download a software program, such as OneClick Cover Letter Creator that enables you to produce powerful letters by following their process.

If you have any questions, comments, need help writing a Care Assistant CV or resume or would like further information on how to write a CV or resume, use our comment form below and we will gladly try and get the advice and guidance that you need.

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