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The Swimmer John Cheever Essay Definition

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In John Cheever’s, “The Swimmer”, on a hot summer Sunday ,while sitting by the pool with his wife and neighbors, as they all complained about their hangovers, a man of higher status named Needy Merrill decides to get home by swimming through the pools in his county. When Needy first starts off his journey he feels young and enthusiastic; he is then greeted in a joyous manner by his neighborhood friends. Apparently, Needy is a well-known and respected man. As his journey progresses he starts seeing red and orange leaves; he then realizes that it was fall. In the middle of his journey he starts to endure some turmoil, but he does not let that stop his journey. As his journey ends, Needy starts to come encounter with some people who…show more content…

When the journey started off, the weather was comfortable and Needy spirit was full of happiness and energy. Then, when the weather became dark and cold, he became sad. Toward the end, the pools began to get icy cold and he couldn’t take it anymore, showing that his life was at its wits. The weather was a representation on how his life had took its turn for the worse. Another way Cheever uses setting symbolically, is by using the swimming pools to represent the cycle in which his life went. Cheever writes that Needy started realizing his social score had went down, when he had arrived at the Biswangers party and was treated rudely.” The bartender served him, but served him rudely. His was world in which the caterer’s man kept the social score, and to be rebuffed by a part-time barkeep meant that he had suffered some loss of social-esteem.”(256). The first few swimming pools Needy visited, he was well-respected by his friends. Towards the end, his friends started treating him like an outcast and bringing up his misfortune. As he went through the different swimming pools, the respect that he was given went downhill. Cheever also uses setting symbolically, by using the gazebo to represent loneliness. Cheever writes that Needy felt pleased to be alone. “He felt tired, clean, and pleased at that moment; pleased at everything.”(252) Needy sat in the gazebo alone and cold. While Needy was in the gazebo, it began to raining. This symbolized the part in his life

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Lea Shontay Wilks
Instructor Lisa Adams
Lit 101 Introduction to Literature (33203.201330)
26 April 2014
An Analysis of "The Swimmer" by John Cheever
Most stories can have an emotional impact on people, but once in a while certain stories can take the reader to the edge of reality. The Swimmer is a fascinating story with primary use of a setting and amazing characters that engages readers and can move them to experience life in an unfathomable way. Cheever was born May 27, 1912, in Quincy, Massachusetts, to Frederick Lincoln Cheever and Mary Liley Cheever. His father owned a shoe factory until it was lost in the Great Depression of the 1930s. His mother, an English-woman who emigrated with her parents, supported her husband and their…show more content…

Within the plot of this story there is an exposition, rise to action, climax, and a fall from action. The character development is the other convention that enables Cheever to write this thought provoking story. The Character stays with you after you have finished reading. The action of the plot is performed by the characters in the story; the people who make something happen or produce an effect”. Cheever uses his character development to enhance the plot in order to bring the reader closer to the emotions of the story. In ‘The Swimmer” both of these elements are vitally interconnected to each other even though the movie was a flop at the box-office.
The Swimmer is about a middle-aged man in suburban Connecticut who appears to be suffering a major nervous breakdown yearning for a golden past that only exist in people’s mind and the movies. New York advertising executive Ned Merrill played by Burt Lancaster feels young, energetic, and happy. Who shows up in the backyard of friends in swim trunks, centered on suburban Connecticut, feeling like an explorer Ned decides to get home by swimming across all the pools in his county. As he make his way through the yards of his neighbor’s he is helping himself to their pool no matter how big or small, he’s joined by his daughters a former babysitter of this community, for a yard or two, while he connects with some people he

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