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Is4799 Unit 1 Assignment 1 It Takes

IS4799: Unit 1 Technical Assessment Questions Suzanna Vazquez Darwin Fernandez Martin Ljung Scott Connary 1. When you first receive an RFP, what three sections should you look at to determine if your firm is going to respond?  The first three sections should you look at to determine if your firm is going to be:  Introduction,  Scope of Work  General Requirements 2. If your firm has plenty of client references and experience in performing the Scope of Work but lacks the minimum vendor qualifications what should you consider?  You should consider finding a prime contractor who does have the minimum vendor qualifications but lacks the client references and specific expertise that are required within the Scope of Work. 3. How should your firm evaluate or assess if you should respond to the RFP?  My firm should review the RFP and evaluate the cost and capability of the company. We also would cost analysis see if the contract would be worth the risk and expense of bidding on it.

Max Stein IS4680 1/5/15 IS4680: Unit 1: Public and Private Sector Regulatory Requirements Worksheet Compliance Law Description of Compliance Law Rationale for Using this Law HIPAA The primary goal of the law is to make it easier for people to keep health insurance, protect the confidentiality and security of healthcare information ad help the healthcare industry control administrative costs (John J. Dreyzehner, 2014). With the company being a health care provider, making sure that they follow the policies and guidelines of HIPAA will allow for the easy, control, and management of the health care facility. PCI-DSS The Payment Card Industry (PCI) Data Security Standard (DSS) was developed to encourage and enhance cardholder data security and facilitate the broad adoption of consistent data security measures globally (PCI Security Standards Council, 2010). Since the health care facility will be accepting payments by credit card, ensuring that they payment department is following the proper

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