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Essay/Mba Bewerbung

Supporting Diversity

I believe my combination of experiences, professional skills and competencies would be valuable to XXX Business School because it is unique. XXX offers a focus on management education for a student body of diverse cultural and professional backgrounds.

My presence would add to this environment because my background is diverse. I also believe I would be successful in this type of environment and my success would help further support it.

International Academic Career

My engineering education in the USA and Germany makes me an interesting candidate for the program. I studied mechanical engineer in two different cultures. Primarily, I researched  the construction of engine control systems of airplanes. Obviously, this is quite specific and technical subject matter, but beyond the material I feel learning in two different cultural environments has made me flexible and more open-minded to different educational approaches.

Work experience

Myprofessional career has also been diverse, e.g. in the research department of a major corporation and in a supply and services company. I have also worked for a consultancy, where, among other things, I successfully managed projects of international groups in Germany by applying strategic, business and intercultural competence.

From 2007 until 2010, I have worked as a self-employed management consultant with the main focus on advising German and American companies.

My main tasks consisted in the clarification of engineering issues and tactical preparation of negotiations. I also participated in these negotiations with international partners and coordinated the work with public authorities in Germany and USA. During these activities, I was able to build a broad network of contacts in various countries.

The jobs I have done so far offered me various insights into the practices of business administration and independent decision-making. I would like to advance and build on these experiences by combining my knowledge in theory and practice.


In my university education and career, I could always rely on my personal skills such as high motivation, courage for complex and challenging tasks, responsibility and high flexibility. The employers, colleagues and clients always confirmed my openness and good team spirit. In particular, my cross-cultural competences and multilingualism (I speak English, Italian, French and German) were beneficial to the international projects I was responsible for. Therefore, an international and interdisciplinary group of students would definitely be the ideal context for constructive exchange of ideas.

Motivation & Dedication

My motivation to join XXX is that I am convinced the XXX program is an excellent opportunity for me to enhance my management skills and business acumen. This motivation is very high and I’ve demonstrated it through meeting with XXX admissions staff, professors and alumni. As a self-employed consultant, my clients have all repeatedly cited my dedication to delivering results. My experience in every professional position I’ve had has taught me that a diverse team needs motivated and committed participants to help it succeed. I am motivated and committed to being a successful member of the XXX MBA class.


An dieser Frau müssen Insead-Bewerber vorbei: Caroline Diarte Edwards

Mal eben so am Wochenende die Bewerbung für das MBA-Studium fertig machen: Das funktioniert nicht. Da müssen Zeugnisse übersetzt, Referenzen eingeholt und Essays geschrieben werden, hinzu kommen Prüfungen wie der englische Sprachtest TOEFL und der MBA-Eignungstest GMAT. Mindestens drei, besser noch sechs Monate sollte man einplanen.

Hinzu kommt: Es ist keineswegs sicher, dass man an der favorisierten Schule zugelassen wird. Also ist es ratsam, sich bei mehreren Einrichtungen bewerben. Die zehn besten US-Schulen nehmen weniger als 20 Prozent der Bewerber an. Besonders wählerisch ist die kalifornische Stanford Graduate School of Business. In der aktuellen Klasse bekamen von den 7204 Bewerbern lediglich knapp sieben Prozent eine Zusage. Bei der Harvard Business School waren es immerhin elf Prozent.

Auch in Europa wird gesiebt

Auch in Europa ist die Auslese an den Topschulen hart. Allerdings geben viele Schulen ihre Quoten nicht bekannt. So etwa das Insead, das mit seinen Standorten in Fontainebleau bei Paris, Singapur und Abu Dhabi zu einer der führenden Business Schools weltweit zählt.

Trotzdem bekommen die Hochschulen überraschend häufig unausgegorene Bewerbungen. "MBA-Interessenten sind oft viel beschäftigte Menschen und nehmen sich nicht genug Zeit für die Bewerbung", sagt Caroline Diarte Edwards, Director of Admissions am Insead. Mit KarriereSPIEGEL sprach sie über die fünf häufigsten Mängel.

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