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Writing Academic English Essays Pdf

1997: 60-86. The form of this citation means that the words in quotation marks were spoken by Dr. Michael Karsten and were quoted on page 62 of an article written by two people named Bamberger and Yaeger. 44 Part 1 I Writing a Paragraph Here are some rules for their use. 1. Reporting verbs can appear before, in the middle of, or after bon'owed information. The reporting phrase according to usually appears before or after but not in the middle. One young bicyclist says, "To win in world-class competition, you have to take drugs" (Jones).

Other studies have shown that the color green is calming. After London's Blackfriars Bridge was painted green, the number of suicides from it decreased by 34 percent. It is clear that color affects not just our moods, but our behavior as well (Daniels 10). B. Both of the following paragraphs break the rule of unity because they contain one or more sentences that are off the topic. Step 1 Locate and underline the topic sentence of each paragraph. Step 2 Cross out the sentence or sentences that are off the topic.

In Caesar's calendar, February had 29 days. The very next emperor, Augustus, not only renamed a month for himself (August), but he also took one day from February and added it to August so that "his" month would be just as long as Caesar's. This calendar worked better than the previous ones, but it still was not perfect. By 1580, the first calendrical day of spring was 10 days too early, so in 1582, Pope Gregory XIII, the leader of the Roman Catholic religion, made a small change to make the calendar more accurate.

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