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L Annee Prochaine Essay Topics

Composition is indispensable in students’ lives; good grades do not come easy to them and require strong writing skills for success. This article contains a handy list of easy essay topics for high school.

Using these topics, you will get high grades. Your personal academic performance will be advanced, and tutors will remember you as a creative, gifted person with original ideas and diligent task completion. Use our list of easy topics and forget about mess with homework.

Easy Essay Topics for High School

Here we have collected an essay topics list on various subjects. They are fresh and interesting, able to win you high grades and teacher rewards. Use them to write great papers:

Persuasive topics

  1. Research takes time, so educational establishments need to free students from classes during exams and assignment completion
  2. Dogs are better friends than cats because they develop trust, commitment, and loyalty to their masters
  3. Every human invention moves the society backward, not forward.
  4. If animals are put in charge of the world’s government and rule, our planet will become much fairer and cleaner.
  5. One man can change the world. The key to success is persistence.
  6. Richness has never made anyone happy, as it is simply money that one can waste. Spending money wisely to the benefit of people around you is a good way of making money work.
  7. Race and color still matter; only the expressions of racial difference have changed.

Argumentative essays

  1. Government should control the nation’s email communication.  
  2. Children should select education subjects at any age
  3. All people should be allowed to choose schools depending on the language of teaching and find schools with curriculum in their parents’ mother tongue
  4. An idea about universal human equality is nonsense and utopic. People are different.
  5. The whole world’s presence in modern phones does not make people’s lives easier. It worsens the quality of communication and makes people miserable and isolated. With a phone in hand, nobody talks in person; all we have left is constantly check email and social media alerts.
  6. Political partnerships among countries nowadays go much farther than benefitting their nations. It is a matter of seeking global dominance.
  7. The 21st century is a dangerous time to live, with exacerbating environmental and geopolitical problems; it’s not clear what will kill us quicker.

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Personal essays

  1. Tell about a loss and the way in which you coped with it; share some lessons learnt from that event to help other people struggling with loss.
  2. What is the last country you would attend on Earth? Why do you avoid going there?
  3. Art’s role in your life – types you like, how you enjoy it.
  4. Discuss technology’s role in your personal activities and life; does it help you in studies and communication or would you feel better without some innovations?
  5. Discovery that changed your life and perception of people around you.
  6. Your cherished talent that you have or would like to develop.
  7. Social awkwardness you recently experienced.
  8. Problem of making wrong and right choices.

Admission essays/Personal statements

  1. My role model in life; the person who provided me with maximum support and from whom I learn until now.
  2. My ideal living place.
  3. Ways of overcoming life challenges and lessons learned from them.  
  4. The way in which parents contributed to my life and personal development.  
  5. What makes you special? Reasons why you are the best admission candidate.  
  6. Describe your major failure or disappointment in life.
  7. What season do you like?
  8. If one day you discover having some superpower, which one would you like to have; how do you plan to apply it to benefit your society?

All these are interesting essay topics able to get you an extra grade on any subject, be it school or college assignments. Our experts are always ready to help you! Visit our site’s blog and find numerous extended essay topics ideas and advice on other assignments’ writing process.

Additional Essay Writing Tips

Essay topics for high school are diverse and depend on your discipline and subject. The writing process is universal. It includes a number of steps and procedures that every student should follow to achieve paper quality. The Harvard Writing Center gives the following recommendations:

  • Read the supervisor’s assignment carefully to make sure you understand it and can narrow the topic to an interesting, workable thesis statement
  • Move from assignment to topic by close reading of sources online and in library
  • Develop your essay’s structure and all its components
  • Outline all ideas in detail to structure the writing before it starts
  • Summarize all ideas you have come across during search to see what you start with and where you finish
  • Think of both arguments and counterarguments in advance
  • Formulate topic sentences and design strategies of signposting
  • Take care of proper transitions in the text
  • Think over the conclusion in advance; you have to know what your inferences will be before the start
  • Revise the first draft on grammar, punctuation, and style.

Apply this algorithm with any of easy topics from our list and your success in class is a sure forecast!

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Salut Sarah,

Je me présente. Je m’appelle Céline et j’habite à Cannes dans le sud de la France. Mon anniversaire, c’est le trente avril et j’ai dix-sept ans. Je ressemble à ma mère parce que j’ai les cheveux blonds et les yeux verts, par contre, j’ai un bon sens de l’humour comme mon père. À mon avis, je suis sympa et bavarde, mais je peux être timide.

Dans ma famille, il y a six personnes : mon père, ma mère, mes deux frères, ma sœur et moi. Je m’entends bien avec ma sœur et je passe beaucoup de temps avec elle. Nous nous intéressons à la musique et nous chantons et dansons dans ma chambre. En revanche, je me dispute toujours avec mon petit frère qui s’appelle Frédéric. Il m’embête et je le trouve égoïste parce qu’il aime être le centre d’attraction. Nous ne nous entendons pas bien.

Ma meilleure amie s’appelle Marie. Elle est très gentille et généreuse. On aime les mêmes choses donc on s’entend vraiment bien. Nous passons beaucoup de temps ensemble et aimons aller au cinéma ou faire les magasins le week-end. C’est super d’avoir une si bonne copine !

Le week-end dernier, c’était l’anniversaire de mon père et nous sommes allés au restaurant pour dîner avec toute la famille. J’ai fait un gâteau au chocolat pour lui parce que c’est son gâteau préféré. Nous avons beaucoup mangé et mon père a bu beaucoup de vin rouge. Après avoir mangé, nous sommes rentrés à la maison. C’était très amusant.

L’année prochaine, j’irai à l’université pour étudier les maths. Quand j’aurai ma licence, je chercherai un emploi et j’espère trouver mon copain idéal. À l’avenir, je voudrais me marier et avoir des enfants.

Et toi ? As-tu beaucoup d’amis ? Tu t’entends bien avec ta famille ? Qu’est-ce que tu vas faire plus tard dans la vie ?

À bientôt,



Hi Sarah,

Let me introduce myself. I am called Céline and I live in Cannes in the south of France. My birthday is on the 30th April and I am 17 years old. I look like my mum because I have blonde hair and green eyes however I have a good sense of humour like my dad. In my opinion I am kind and talkative but I can be shy.

In my family there are six people; my dad, my mum, my two brothers, my sister and me. I get on well with my sister and I spend a lot of time with her. We are interested in music and we sing and dance in my bedroom. On the other hand I always argue with my little brother, who is called Frédéric. He annoys me and I find him selfish because he likes to be the centre of attention. We don’t get on.

My best friend is called Marie. She’s very kind and generous. We like the same things therefore we get on really well. We spend a lot of time together and we like to go the cinema or go shopping at the weekend. It’s great to have such a good friend!

Last weekend it was my dad’s birthday and we went to the restaurant to have dinner with all the family. I made a chocolate cake for him because chocolate cake is his favourite. We ate lots and my dad drank a lot of red wine. After eating, we went home. It was fun.

Next year I will go to university to study Maths. When I get my degree, I will look for a job and I hope to find my ideal boyfriend. In the future I would like to get married and have children.

And you? Do you have a lot of friends? Do you get on well with your family? What are you going to do later in life?

See you soon,


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