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Aqa History A Level Coursework Examples Of Pronouns

Example answers with examiner's comments

Compare what Layla and Stanislas said in this role play and find out why the examiner gave Layla a higher mark.

    • Layla answers in a full sentence and gives a reason for liking these subjects. She also tells us about her worst subject.
    • Layla improves her answer by directly addressing the examiner and by adding more details.

    • Layla tells us who she eats with and uses 'puis' (then) to tell us what she does next.
    • Layla turns her answer into a full sentence and says how long it takes her, using 'environ' (about).
    • Stanislas answers using 'aller' + infinitive to talk about the future, but Layla improves her answer by using 'j'ai besoin de...' (I need...), and adds specific details to her answer.
    • Layla gives us her opinion then finds something else to say about uniform. She uses two examples of future tense verbs, and the direct object pronoun 'le' to avoid repeating the word 'l'uniforme'.

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  1. I'm really struggling on the coursework unit, especially since I haven't really been given much guidance on it. Does anyone have any advice on essay structure and how many sources are needed?

  2. Hello I've moved this thread to history study help for you.
  3. Some more info would be good. what is the question you're going to be doing and what 100 year context do you focus on?

    The idea is that you discuss the 100 year context in detail and have a line of argument throughout that might relate to one particular figure within your 100 years and/or a historical concept like change or continuity. an example being assessing the extent to which the condition of the Russian peasant improved over the period 1850–1950. theres a lot to talk about.

    integrate (at least) 3 primary sources into your argument to support it and analyse the VALUE of these with reference to the provenance, content and tone of the source. you're also meant to have 3 sources with 2 of them being of different types. this is AO2: Analyse and evaluate appropriate source material, primary and/or contemporary to the period, within the historical context. You're expected to comment on the differing perspectives of the sources chosen as well as the social, political, intellectual, religious and/or economic contexts in which the sources were written. the credibility, authority, authenticity, consistency and comprehensiveness of the sources is to be integrated and also the bias, distortion or propagandist elements found in the sources. I think you're meant to write 500 words on analysing your primary sources.

    you're also meant to analyse the interpretations of two historians either throughout your essay or on one particular event in relation to your 100 year context, AO3. you're meant to analyse the interpretation itself in regards to WHEN it was published and how that might affect the view of a historian but also the historian and their credibility, what kind of work they've published in regards to your chosen line of focus and they also need to be academic historians. you're also meant to evaluate the interpretations of the two historians (AO3) and come to your own substantiated judgement and conclusion (AO1).

    here's what AQA says about the structure of your entire essay:
    "The Historical Investigation must be written with the qualities of all three objectives integrated within the body of the work. For example, students will analyse, evaluate and reach judgements about the question chosen (AO1) and within this analysis and evaluation, appraise the views of historians (AO3) and analyse and evaluate primary source material and the extent to which it is useful in supporting arguments or conclusions (AO2)."

    This unit is hard in that you really do need to research your 100 year context thoroughly AND find ACADEMIC historians whose interpretations relate to your period to discuss and evaluate, primary sources too however it is also quite interesting if you're doing a topic you enjoy.

    hope this helped, more on the aqa website: http://www.aqa.org.uk/subjects/histo...t-a-level-only
    (Original post by stargirl98)
    I'm really struggling on the coursework unit, especially since I haven't really been given much guidance on it. Does anyone have any advice on essay structure and how many sources are needed?


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