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Essay About Safe Drinking Water

...Exp. Sci., V 26, No. 1, 2012; 39-48 ol. Water Quality Index of Surface Water Bodies of Gujarat, India N.C. Kankal, M.M. Indurkar, S.K. Gudadhe and S.R. Wate National Environmental Engineering Research Institute (NEERI), Nehru Marg Nagpur - 440020 (Mah.); India Abstract: Present communication deals with a study of Physico-chemical parameters such as pH, Temperature, Total Suspended Solids, Turbidity, Dissolved Oxygen, Biochemical Oxygen Demand, Nitrate, Phosphate and Fecal coliform in water samples of rivers, lake and canal in Gujarat state of India. The water quality of the samples was compared with standard values given by World Health Organization (WHO) and United State Salinity Laboratory for drinking and irrigation purposes. Water Quality Index (WQI) was also calculated to know the overall quality of water samples. The results show that the water quality index is observed in the range of 44-61 and expected in the range of 45-64 which shows marginally water quality for drinking purposes. The water quality index is calculated by indicator (100-point scale) shows that this water can be used for drinking purpose after purification treatment. Results show that quality for irrigation purpose is quite good. Key words: Water Quality Index, Rivers, Lake, Canal, Surface...

Essay about Drinking Water Sustainability

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The importance of water, in relation to the Earth and its inhabitants, can only be rivaled by the importance of oxygen. Living things depend on water in their habitat. However, the abundance of water is not as important as the usefulness of the water. Much of the Earth is made up of this unique liquid combination of hydrogen and oxygen, but the amount that can be used for human consumption is less than one percent (Boland, 2003). In essence, humans use potable water, water that is suitable for drinking and cooking, to satisfy their basic needs. Drinking (potable) water is free from poisonous substances, contaminants, and disease-causing organisms, which would be unsafe for human consumption (Gulflink).

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History has gone to show that water was a basic living ingredient. Communities were developed along waterways. Water provided political and economic strength to the society. Egypt grew from a barren landscape to a highly advanced civilization. The society that formed around the Nile River prospered for over three millennia. Being able to utilize the river to their benefit, Egyptians were able to use the Nile for agricultural, social, political, and religious purposes (Phippen). Although the sanitation of the Nile may have not been spectacular in relation to today’s standards, the pollution in the area was also minimal. The Nile River most likely ran with satisfactory potable water for humans and agricultural usage.

Today’s Demand for Potable Water

Water is the most bountiful substance on the surface of the Earth, and every type of life form depends on it for survival. However, 98 percent of water is ocean seawater or brackish water, and another one percent is in the polar ice caps. Thus, the entire world population is left to fight for the remaining one percent, that still contains many toxic and poisonous contaminants (Boland, 2003). Because of the limited amount of sterile and sanitized drinking water, water-borne diseases take more than five million lives annually in Afro-Asian countries (The Tribune, 2003). Yet, “the quantity of water that is used

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